The benefits of working with an influencer marketing agency

Handling a full influencer marketing campaign can be very tough for companies – dealing with influencers pricing, content creation, reputation and results can take a lot of time. Influencer marketing agencies can benefit all business that do not have either the time or the skills to manage a successful campaign.

What is an Influencer Marketing agency?

It’s an agency that deals with the external communication of a company, it manages the promotion of the brand image among their targets on the Internet and mainly on social networks. They help them to create communication and promote campaigns, and above all, they have a large network of influencers! 

Today, being an influencer has become a real profession and many people manage to make a living out of it. An influencer is also known as a key Opinion Leader, and it can impact other people’s point of view on the most different subjects. Influencing it is therefore a great buying potential for brands, and depending on their potential for influence in a determined niche, they can bring in a big ROI.

Working with an Influencer Marketing agency can bring many benefits

First of all, it saves businesses a lot of time. In fact, the company will just have to provide the brief with some key information and goals, and the agency will deal with all the campaign steps. For example, at Efluenz, we set a campaign strategy from A to Z, from selecting an influencer and providing the guidelines to the content creation and full campaign report with lessons learned.

Working with an agency also reduce’s companies expenses – The agency knows not only how to work, but also how and in what to invest the budget. A business without experience in Marketing will hesitate and make risky decisions that might cost a lot more money short and long term than paying an Influencer Marketing agency with experts in the field.

Finding an influencer, to represent the campaign and distribute content is not easy and it takes time. Why? Simply put, choosing influencers that have millions of followers don’t really get the message spread properly – It’s necessary to match influencers with brands that share the same values, in order to target the right audience.

For example, Strongbow contacted Efluenz for a collaboration with influencers in order to promote a new flavor through instagram. We were able to collaborate with several influencers that matched their criteria and now they are working with us – we guide the influencers for the content creation, approving and launching the stories and posts. All Strongbow has to do it to wait for the results!
In addition, an Influencer Marketing agency will be able to answer all the business’s questions, to help and give advices and offer other services as well. For example, if the company wants to be presented on social networks, some influencer marketing agencies can take care of their instagram providing social media management and community management (content creation, responding to comments, engaging with the audience, being active, etc.) in order to get the best position in search engines, gain popularity in the web world and boost activities.

An influencer marketing agency will therefore have many advantages to bring to a company that is looking for influencers or wants to have a notoriety on the Internet and outside! 


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