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Efluenz is a reliable partner that provides high quality opportunities for content creators.
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With Efluenz you’ll be able to showcase your talents, remain authentic and have the creative freedom to make an impact & stand out from the crowd.

A successful Influencer has the talent, the creativity & the community to deliver the perfect solution for any campaign & product.

If you are a starting Influencer who’s looking for growth & continuous prominence. Then join us: we guarantee your continuity & success.
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Efluenz’s database consists of exceptional content creators excelling in the art of storytelling. From nano to macro influencers, we are able to find you the right fit.

Start by getting Efluenz's certification and gaining trust from established brands, followed by maximizing your exposure & traffic. Along the way, you'll receive proper guidance & training.

Highlighted case


Lilliputiens partnered up with Efluenz to increase brand love and drive interest in the brand’s products in the run-up to major gifting periods: St Nicholas’ Day in Belgium and Christmas in France. Efluenz was tasked to identify the perfect mom bloggers that represent the core customers of Lilliputiens.
Our process

How does it work?

The Efluenz workflow has been designed to be clear and easy to understand in order to find your path in the right direction.

Getting to know each other

Contact us through our contact form on the website or our social media channels. We’ll get back to you asap to fill in our questionnaire and introduce yourself to us.

Get certified

Get certified by us which opens a window of opportunities for you to thrive on from a creative & professional perspective.


We will cater for your needs during an ongoing campaign to make sure you leave a positive impression on your clients. We will also guide you with the appropriate usage of hashtags and tone of voice to help you succeed.


Our job is to match you with potential clients who share the same values and principles in order to keep you authentic in front of you social community.


We will provide you with clear structured guidelines for each campaign to clarify what needs to be done. We will have simple and direct contracts to ensure everyone’s on the same page.


After each campaign, we will evaluate your overall performance and we will provide you with constructive feedback for you to learn and grow in order to improve for your next projects.
Our experience

They speak for us

The workshops of Efluenz are really worth it! I learned how to make the most of my profile to get more out of my company. At least 30-40% of my clients got to know me through Instagram, so that’s a lot.
It was very interesting to work with Efluenz and their top team. Thanks to them I’ve got to know new and interesting brands. Efluenz is a very pleasant company and incredibly sweet employees!
Thanks to Efluenz I had the chance to collab with poppy and Proximus and had a great experience with them. Great team, great people & they give awesome tips for your Instagram to grow.
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Talent wins games, but great teamwork wins championships!


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