For businesses

Efluenz tailors both to B2C and B2B companies with our wide network of content creators and opinion leaders.
What's all the fuss about?

It's all about C2C communication

An influencer gives a voice to your brand and translates your message into a contemporary language.
  • Speaks the language of your customers
  • Finds your ideal clients and gain their trust
  • Constantly advocates on your behalf 
  • Within direct reach to your target audience 

Reach your ideal target audience

Our influencer marketing strategies will assist you in developing your brand with lasting impressions on your customers.

Through our creative storytelling, influencers will directly reach your target audience and create authentic connections.

You will be able to interact with your customers on a more personal level and drive customer loyalty like never before.

Reach corporate businesses

When reaching out to companies, a formal and professional tone of voice might be more appropriate. An opinion leader is ideal in that case. Feedbacks from prominent professional leaders & pioneers in every line of business are highly valued.

In this case, LinkedIn is often used as a platform of choice. The content published is based on expertise by valued opinion leaders in different sectors.

Highlighted case


VOO partnered up with Efluenz to increase awareness and drive subscriptions for its new VOOWIFI + service. The service was launched to address the needs of all existent and potential VOO customers looking for enhanced WiFi performance at home.

Our process

How does it work?

The Efluenz workflow has been designed to be clear and easy to understand in order to find your path in the right direction.

Efluenz’s certification

Efluenz screens all selected influencers fed in the database to ensure their authenticity & reliability (real followers, demographics, audience location).

Influencer strategy

We find & match you with the most suitable content creators for your campaign and create the best strategy (video format, storytelling, micro or macro influencers, etc.).

Brand matching

We crossmatch you with the perfect influencers who share your company values, making the process of telling your story feel authentic and strengthening customer loyalty.

Creative concepts

Out of the box thinking to find impactful touch points and formats.

Contracting & negotiating

All campaigns are carefully stipulated in a legal form. This means clear agreements and no surprises.

Campaign follow-up

Sit back and relax, we'll make sure the influencers follow the posting calendar.

Reporting & evaluation

Crystal clear reporting, just the way it should be.
Our experience

Our happy clients

Efluenz is honest and we can rely on their opinion & expertise. It's clear they maintain great contact with their influencers. Everyone immediately knew what to post. I would recommend Efluenz to work with again and again.
It was very smooth working with Efluenz. They really think along with the customer, are flexible and ensure very clear reporting afterwards. It was a pleasant introduction into the world of influencer marketing.
Our first collaboration with Efluenz can certainly be considered a success. The project was professionally followed up with good preparation and very clear reporting afterwards. And last but not least, excellent results!
Time for action

Get your tailor-made strategy started

Connect with your ideal client & give your targeted audience a voice to constantly advocate on your behalf.


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