Influencer Marketing Trends 2021

Through the events that have been happening over the last year, the world has once again showed us the importance of social media. People have come together in a way that was rarely seen before; indicating that some things need to change immediately. Nowadays, influencers are the main channel raising awareness on socially important topics and seeking for aid to shift the attitudes and habits of humanity. We have been trough a lot; from #blacklivesmatter and US elections to Coronavirus outbreak and the local #zorgvoorlicht support. What is the role of influencers and what means they are going to use in shaping our society?


Influencers like the whole population become more critical and conscious. Especially because they are aware of the impact and power that they behold within social media. Till now influencers were open to get involved as individuals in social actions. However, the social purpose will have as weighty power as the monetary gain when considering a participation in a campaign. As a brand, you will meet higher demands and expectations from the influencers. It is expected that your brand has right values, that you contribute to a social well-being, that your products or services are of high quality and environmentally friendly.



The trend of influencers starting their own movements directed towards their community started back in March 2020 during the first lockdown. We saw many challenges to keep oneself busy,  sane and healthy during those unusual times. Yoga, meditation, walking challenges are few to mention among the most popular ones. Professional fitness coaches were streaming live for free and in the result, it brought a both-sided profit. The number of followers and subscribers got bigger organically due to a qualitative content and people could find some useful tips for their new daily routine. We believe this trend will continue its way throughout 2021 by encouraging people to change their old habits into more sustainable ones. It eases the way for brands to approach a new audience because the idea is there and all they need to do is to pick it. 


Brands must be encouraged to create collaborations with non-profit organizations. It is a win-win situation! The brand develops a good image and the association gain some visibility and therefore potentially donations.



During the last year we discovered how great performance of nano influencers is! Their potential is way higher than one could expect and most of the time exceeding the margin of statistics. We clap for their devotion to each campaign that comes from their willingness to grow. However, we expect them to stay as loyal to their audience and authenticity as they are because all the cheating is visible for an experienced eye.


Yes, being a professional influencer will mean being the most popular choice. Influencer marketing agencies as well as brands are getting tired of irresponsible attitude towards campaigns. It is a job that is expected to be done as requested. A serious attitude towards each task is the best quality of an influencer. To mention just a few; keeping up with the deadlines, creating a creative content, being responsive. The main question that one should pose is: would that kind of message convince me to try the product/service?


You remember well, we predicted this trend for 2020 and it indeed served its purpose. Filters were so popular that we even forgot how our friends and peers look without them. However, we are pretty sure that it didn’t reach its highest potential yet. Want to apply it for your brand? Efluenz can take care of it, and once again, all you need to do is just to pick it up.


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