Seven Tips to Get More Followers on Instagram

With more than 800 million users and 2 million advertisers, an 80% increase in the number of video views from one year to the next and with a number of videos produced on the platform that has quadrupled over the last year, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. It’s the realm of stories, photos and videos, hashtags, filters and followers. How many followers do you have? Want to be an influencer of your community, have more followers and be mentioned among the best IG accounts of 2020? Start working today. Here are seven tips to get more followers on Instagram.

Find your style

Your photos are beautiful but the only followers you see growing are your competitors? It's time to stand out from the crowd! It's about being able to tell your story, the story of your brand, by differentiating your content from millions of other photos. Look around you, find a style that can differentiate you from the crowd and be easily recognizable. Have you noticed that the most popular influencers photos use the same tone, or develop a theme, have an editorial line? They do so because repetition is also the ability to become famous.

Get inspired by your work environment or your passions, make a selection of what you will and won't post, don't change the subjects too much, be careful of what you post, what you have posted before and what you will post later, and find your style.

Post regularly

To get that much traffic on Instagram, it is important not only to post compelling content, but to do so regularly. Of course, if we think of big brands like Starbucks, you can easily understand how they manage to post new content every day or even several times a day. Be original, be creative and start taking pictures with your smartphone. 

If you're wondering when it's time to post, the best hours may be the middle of the week for some brands, for others on the weekend. Experiment, post regularly and find the best time to post. Keep track of your successes and failures and if the strategy doesn't work, replace it.

Use Hashtags responsibly

Hashtags can be used to launch a contest, tell about an event or bring the community itself to life, creating a dialogue with the followers, following certain topics, and of course, getting more likes, more followers, and sometimes even increasing sales. There are many tools to find out which are the best hashtags, but don't abuse them. Hashtags are not random words that follow one another without logic or strategy. Your hashtags must be relevant, they describe what you post.

Content is important

Cameras on mobile devices have improved a lot in recent years, so don't make excuses. If your Instagram profile doesn't grow, it's not the fault of photo quality. Instagram Home is full of suggestive, amazing and creative photos, and if you don't spend some time studying the content in the next few months, it will become increasingly difficult to get out of this vast sea. If Instagram excites you, we are sure you spend most of your free time there, and you have probably noticed how much effort big and small brands make to compose a photoshoot.

We don't ask you to become a professional photographer, but to get an effective photographic composition you have to work with graphic elements, framing, perspective, light, movement, subject position, organize the elements in a rectangle or square, in a rational or irrational but always expressive way. In short, learn from the best, leave nothing to chance and make good use of space and facilities.

Use a good photo editor

Quality counts and Instagram filters are quite limited. Using photo editing applications such as Vsco, Snapseed or Lightroom can help you create photos with incredible effects.

It has a minimalist atmosphere and offers modifications for brightness, contrast, blurred appearance, brightness, shadows, temperature and skin tones, as well as the possibility to add different colours to the photos or to add different effects.

The Google Snapseed application, for Android and iOS, is one of the best photo editing applications currently available. Do you know it? It has nine editing tools, including a brush that allows you to adjust the exposure by selecting the color temperature; it also has a tool that allows you to remove spots or remove entire objects from photos. Give it a try!

If you want to edit photos like a real professional, you need to learn how to use Lightroom or Photoshop.

Think outside the box

If your photo feed only contains images of your products, or of your selfie at sea, with friends, in the mountains, you can certainly do more. It changes and generates interest in popular and effective images. Rethink the use of a product, scroll and move graphic elements, remember the emotions in your photos, play by attaching more photos, enjoy reflections, look for beauty in imperfection, photograph objects, change perspective and don't forget to publish content online with the interests of your audience.

Instagram lets you know exactly what inspires people and how they play creatively in their daily lives. We use Instagram to capture what makes us smile, what gives us joy and what excites us.

Interact with your community
Interacting with others, is one of the best ways to get more followers on Instagram, and not only. Try it all: find interesting topics your audience likes, make a call to action, ask what your target likes, comment and respond to comments, build a reputation in your community, tag other Instagram profiles in your photos, ask questions to your widget followers, use geolocation, and thank users for the comments they leave on your profile. You can experiment with anything you can think of, except following people just to be followed by them, then remove it after a few hours or days. No, this should not be done!

Text written by Elvana Qorlazja exclusively for Efluenz.
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