The importance of a coherent feed

The main reason for having a clean feed is to gain visitor’s attention within the seconds. When an influencer has a consistent content, people associate one with her/his name and therefore, the upcoming photos are recognizable easier. The past has proven that Instagram users find consistency very calming and that is what majority is looking for when deciding to follow a new profile.

Feed types

The easiest way to create a theme is to put all your pictures in black and white. It is a solution for those who are always in a hurry or do not want to give too much effort to editing.

One-color theme is a bit higher level but remains quite simple to keep up with. With this theme you need to focus only on one color and build your feed around it. Don’t forget that details count as well!

A theme that has been very popular during the last few years is an earth colored or beige. It looks very neat, classy and elegant. We often expect it to be a ‘higher’ class profile marked with some well-known brands.

Applications to use

There are plenty of apps you can use to create your consistent feed. One of our favorites are VSCO, Adobe Lightroom, Snapseed and UNUM.

With VSCO it’s all about filters. It offers a great variety of them and you have a possibility to save your favorites. Another way is creating your personal preset. However, it takes time and effort to come up with some great combinations. Don’t forget that there are many presets online that you can purchase or even get it for free. Such websites as, & suggest packages of presets for Adobe Lightroom and VSCO apps.

Snapseed is popular for its simplicity, effectiveness and free access too all the necessary tools. Starting from the picture resize and the color adjustment function and finishing with the quality improvement and the use of various effects.

UNUM is a great app for planning your feed. It gives you an overview on how your feed will look like with pre-planned pictures. It also allows you to schedule your upcoming posts and gives you some insights on different analytics. Eg., when is the best time to post, what was your best post and it’s performance, etc.

An Instagram profile theme can be compared to a personal portfolio that reflects who you are and what kind of message you spread. If you are willing to have some gain from your account, take it seriously and visualize well how you want it to look like. Also, don’t forget little details, such as bio description, highlights, nickname and profile picture that are actually principal for finding you easier among millions of other profiles.


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